24/7 Remote Virtual Guarding

24/7 Remote Virtual Guarding

Mobile Surveillance Trailers

The safety of your residents, personnel, and staff, deserve protection from liability issues, and ensuring proper care must all be considered. On-site security guards offer a partial solution, but they can’t monitor all areas at once and are limited by viewing angles and visibility. Only technology-assisted live video surveillance can monitor 100% of your property 100% of the time.


Take a look at our features and services:


Core Security Surveillance Trailer        


A Mobile security trailer is lightweight, stand-alone surveillance and deterrent platform engineered to protect remote locations. This low-cost, solar-powered system is capable of operating unattended and self-powered for weeks or longer.


Core Security Surveillance Trailer can be quickly deployed anywhere for monitoring of school parking lots, office buildings, shopping center parking lots, special events, athletic events, etc. It also offers two-way audio which allows security or police to remotely broadcast live or pre-recorded messages and to configure alarm/siren sounds to automatically play upon triggered events. The flashing strobe can also be remotely activated and triggered by events such as motion detection.


Monitor Entire Property Simultaneously


Core Security combines electronic detection with live remote monitoring, allowing us to detect suspicious behavior with superhuman effectiveness. Our security specialist will analyze your property from every angle to determine that best installation setup that avoids blind spots and overcomes low light conditions.


Live Monitoring and Interception


Our trained security staff monitor your area in real-time, identifying and stopping crimes and other incidents before they happen. If the incident escalates, Core Security staff can contact the authorities or your in-house staff, depending on the situation.


Advanced Movement Analytics


Unlike first generation video monitoring services that only use manual tours, Core Security takes advantage of next-generation movement analytics. Our system can detect movement that’s typically undetectable to the human eye. Plus, our system uses algorithms to learn what is and isn’t a potential threat.


Loudspeaker Intervention


If an intruder crosses a boundary or suspicious behavior occurs in the vicinity, the monitoring team can engage via amplified loudspeakers, if appropriate for the situation. If the issue escalates, Core Security coordinates with the authorities or your in-house staff.



Detailed Incident Reporting


We want to make sure you are receiving information when an incident occurs at your facility. If the monitoring team notices any suspicious activity, they provide a full report containing all the information you might need, including access to video evidence.



Reduced Security Costs

You might think that a high tech solution like this would put a big dent in your security budget. However, you’ll be happy to discover that Core Security’s solutions are a small fraction of the cost of hiring more on-premise security guards. Core Security can offer state-of-the-art protection for less money.


Solar-Powered Mobile Unit


No power source? No problem. Core Security’s mobile units are solar and battery powered. Four cameras offer a 360° view, so they are perfect for large areas like construction sites.

LED strobe lights for intruder deterrence

Loudspeaker for live audio intervention

Starlight cameras (superior to infrared)

125,000 sq ft coverage area


Core Security also offers the Rapid Deploy Box. Get surveillance where you need it — fast. These pole-mounted, Rapid Deploy Boxes use three high-definition cameras for a 270° view of your property. Loudspeaker for live audio intervention. Starlight cameras (superior to infrared).

Wireless and secure LTE Streaming. Power must be available on site.