With mass shootings and terrorist attacks on the rise, prevention methods, like trained firearms detection K-9 teams and trained explosive detection K-9 teams, are a necessity for contract security providers.

Hiring a trained and licensed security guard, armed or unarmed, from a reputable licensed security agency, can ensure that the security guard will be capable and proactive when dealing with a threat.

Core Security Services is a leader in armed and unarmed security guard and K-9 security patrol dog services. We have been working in the real world, with real clients, doing real work, under real contacts, for over a decade. We provide one of the most effective security solutions in the sector.

Retail Security Guards

Retail environments are a prime target for shoplifters and other forms of theft, with each location requiring effective security solutions to help maintain control of the environment. Core Security Services will analyze and put in place the ultimate blueprint of protection measures to provide a higher level of security to help reduce theft and your exposure to other overall financial cost associated with in-house security personnel.

Hospital Security Guards

With high foot traffic and multiple access points of entrances and exits and large amounts of prescription drugs and other medication on property, it is essential for hospitals to take advantage of effective security solutions.

School Security Guards

With all of the school shootings happening across the country, Core Security Services provides one of the most effective security solutions in the sector.

Access Control Security Guards

Access of entry and exit points that are controlled by Core Security Services guards, will allow any location to be physically monitored. It will also provide control of who enters and leaves the premises, as well as prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access. Access control systems range from a simple keypad or card access to the ultimate in video monitoring, face recognition, and even retinal scans. Unfortunately, this alone is not enough to prevent access of someone, who really wants to gain access. This is why you need to employ armed or unarmed guard or security patrol K-9 team.

Construction Security Guards

Construction sites are a high-risk location, requiring security systems, cameras, and security guards to not only protect materials, machinery, and tools, but also the construction site itself and those who are working there.

Hotel Security Guards

Hotel properties are a high-risk area, with constant foot traffic in and out of the location. Core Security Services assesses the environment and ensures that the security guards’ positioning will raise the level of security that is needed to provide a visible deterrent.

Dispensary Security Guards

With the use of legalized medical marijuana and other products becoming increasingly available, the protection of properties and facilities that manufacture and dispense these products has become more critical.  Core Security Services guards provide an essential role in helping to reduce your risk exposure. Our armed and unarmed guards, or security patrol K-9 teams, provide the ultimate security solutions to help increase the safety and security of your property or facility.